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An African Investments' Company

Welcome to Oyztar  Investments,  your one-stop destination for comprehensive investment and contracting solutions. We pride ourselves on being a reliable contracting partner for various projects. From commercial ventures to infrastructure development Read More

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From Infrastructure development projects, to Business financing, to Mining concession acquisition.

We serve and continue to serve a growing number of clients in the growing sectors including tech industry and business development companies.

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To be the leading Investment destination for all sectors

Together we can create solutions for all kinds of business challeges

With enormous years of experience, highly placed connections that have been cultivated over the long period in business, we are your go to company in investment, and various business development solutions.

To be the premier investment company that transforms aspirations into reality &

Empowering Futures Through Strategic Investments

With unwavering dedication, we seek to cultivate trust, inspire innovation, and create enduring value as we forge a path toward a more prosperous future for all

Our experts think to create comprehensive solutions.


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We are reliable and available to help your business prosper no matter the circumstances. Let’s Discuss about Project.

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